Smart Solutions for monitoring and improving Indoor Air Quality

Reduce energy consumption, improve well-being in the work environment and achieve valuable certifications by guaranteeing indoor air quality with inBiot.

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"Indoor air is 2 to 5 times more polluted
than outdoor air."

EPA - Environmental Protection Agency

We help you to know all the key elements:

It is the most common parameter for determining the thermal comfort inside a room.


Values outside the optimal range weaken the respiratory mucous membranes, increasing the risk of respiratory diseases.


Odourless, colourless, tasteless gas which at high levels causes discomfort, drowsiness and reduced productivity. Indicator of ventilation efficiency.


Volatile organic compounds, derived from everyday construction, cleaning or cosmetic products with possible adverse effects on health in the short and long term.


Particulate matter with a diameter of less than 2.5µm that can be inhaled and reach the lower respiratory tract, which can lead to respiratory diseases.

Particulate matter 2.5

Particulate matter with a diameter of less than 10µm that can be inhaled and reach the upper respiratory tract, which can lead to respiratory diseases.

Particulate matter 10

Particulate matter with a diameter of less than 4µm that can be inhaled and can lead to respiratory problems such as asthma or allergic conditions.

Particulate matter 4.0

Particulate matter with a diameter of less than 1µm that can cross the alveolar-capillary barrier when inhaled, which can lead to health problems.

Particulate matter 1.0

Highly volatile and common indoor toxic gas, since 2016 classified as carcinogenic 1B by the EU.


Odorless, colorless gas that causes a decrease in the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood.

Carbon monoxide

Toxic, highly reactive and corrosive gas, considered one of the six most critical pollutants listed as affecting indoor air quality.


Highly reactive and corrosive gas used as a disinfectant, biocide or as a by-product of office equipment or disinfection.


What it means

For the people

Improve the health, well-being and productivity of your customers, students, visitors or workers.

For your business

Remotely monitor and optimise your space to improve indoor air quality, reduce energy consumption and save operating costs.

For the planet

Optimize ventilation and air-conditioning systems to achieve greater energy efficiency and reduce environmental pollution.

For the people

Create healthy spaces for the well-being and comfort of your clientele and staff, guaranteeing their peace of mind and satisfaction.

For your business

Increase the productivity of your staff, improve your company's reputation and save on energy consumption.

For the planet

Optimizes ventilation and air conditioning systems for energy efficiency and sustainability.

Efficient measurement tailored to your needs

Our wide range of MICA devices continuously and reliably measure key indoor air quality parameters, with multiple connectivity and integration options.

Connect MICA seamlessly to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks for fast and stable data transfers. Forget about cables and collect data continuously, easily storing it in the cloud.

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Discover the efficiency of NB-IoT and LTE-M connectivity with SIM card. Connect MICA to the cloud easily, securely and automatically, simplifying the management of your projects.

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Integrate your device into your LoRaWAN network and send data directly to your server. Provides reliable connectivity in remote areas, simplifying data collection for efficient monitoring.

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Easily integrate your device into the Sigfox global network, sending data efficiently. Wide coverage and low power solution for hassle-free monitoring.

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It offers maximum security and robustness to the installation thanks to Modbus RTU (RS485 serial protocol) wired communication or saves time and reduces installation costs with Modbus TCP/IP wireless communication.

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More than air monitoring

My inBiot turns data into useful information to optimize your building systems, reduce energy consumption and ensure the health and well-being of your staff and clientele.


Certifications at your fingertips

Earn points for wellness and sustainability certifications such as WELL, LEED, BREEAM and RESET, increasing the value of your building and the prestige of your brand.

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