My inBiot turns data into clear and useful information

Analyzes and interprets indoor air quality to take action for a healthy and efficient space.

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Discover all the advantages

My inBiot's functionalities make it a perfect tool for companies.

Digital platform

Access from any browser and device wherever you are, without the need to install a mobile App.

Real-time data

Visualization of indoor air quality status at all times to take immediate corrective measures

Easy to use

Simple and intuitive interface to check air quality at a glance and manage data quickly and efficiently.


Visualize, analyze, and more

My inBiot offers advanced solutions to monitor air quality, set up alerts, or generate smart reports with recommendations.

Global panel

See at a glance the air quality status of your spaces. Sort your MICAs into groups according to your projects and needs.

Individual view

Consult in detail the measurements of each MICA in real time with general indicators, specific recommendations, and intuitive and visual graphs.


Create custom alerts for the devices and parameters you want to monitor to stay on top of air quality changes.

Data history and download

Monitor trends for each parameter within a given time period. Export the information to a CSV or XLSX file for further data analysis.


Create your WELL and WELL Performance Rating reports with one click and check your progress towards RESET certification in real time.

Smart Reports

Download reports to know the status and evolution of air quality during specific periods
of occupancy or time. Clearly identify
areas for improvement to take effective action.

Show your commitment

Various options to give you visibility and share air quality data to build trust with your clientele and staff.

Security: your data is yours

The AWS cloud infrastructure provides full control and security of information through the use of TLS1.2 encrypted communications with the client application and devices, as well as encryption at rest of the data in the databases through symmetric KMS keys.

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