About inBiot

A multidisciplinary team with a common goal: to promote healthy and sustainable interior spaces where people's well-being is paramount.

Ala Baklouti

Full-Stack Developer

Alberto Madurga

Hardware & Firmware Developer

Amaia Irisarri

R&D Technician

Andrea Orduna

Marketing Manager

Elisabet Frauca

Customer Experience Manager

Gina Rolandi

Industrial Design & UX/UI Lead

Iñigo Aranguren

Product Manager

Iñigo Idoate

Full-Stack Developer

Iratxe Urrutia

Administration & Quality

Luis Sosa

Hardware & Firmware Lead

Miguel Ferrer

Hardware & Firmware Developer

Peio García

AI & Software Manager

Raul Senosiain

Production & Maintenance

Solveg Nikolaisen

Operations Manager

What moves us?

Buildings are our third skin; their health is our health.


To heal, improve, and optimize the environmental conditions of buildings to maintain high levels of health, well-being, and productivity for their occupants.


To be a reference in indoor air quality monitoring and improvement, with recognition for our social responsibility, technological approach, and environmental impact.



We are committed to continuous improvement and updating. We are always aware of the latest technological advances to offer flexible and innovative solutions that meet the needs of companies.

Social and ecological responsibility

As a team, we are not just dedicated to our clients, but also to society. We work for equal opportunities, the training of talent, and the reduction of environmental impact.


We enjoy what we do. We know that through our work we can generate real changes and increase the quality of life and well-being of people and the planet. This excites us and motivates us to strive to improve every day.

Our history

Since our birth in 2018, we work with enthusiasm and dedication to contribute to the solution of a global problem: the need to promote healthy and efficient indoor environments.

What cannot be measured cannot be improved, and at inBiot we saw a gap in the market to make air quality measurements in buildings more complete, effective and simple.

Our experience and expertise in indoor air quality are our greatest asset, which thanks to our own technology we can transfer as a digitized, useful and accessible service to our customers.

We are committed to providing companies with digital technology to control the air quality of their spaces and, in this way, achieve healthy, safe and sustainable spaces, ensuring a balance between economic growth, social welfare and environmental care.

And that is something we will continue to strive for every day.

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