Make your business a healthy, productive, and energy-efficient space where the well-being of your customers and staff is paramount.

Bring value, security, and peace of mind to your customers and staff.

Share air quality through informative displays or QR codes to build customer confidence and satisfaction and to retain and attract talent to your business.
Enhance your business reputation by demonstrating your commitment to providing a healthy space.

Visualization of indoor air quality data in My inBiot online platform.

Monitor air quality in multiple spaces at a glance

With our cloud solutions, you can view and manage historical and real-time air quality data to control all your spaces and identify areas for potential improvement.

Increase profits

A healthy work environment helps to reduce fatigue and ailments among workers, which translates into higher productivity and a considerable reduction in absenteeism due to minor illnesses.

MICA Lite indoor air quality monitor in an office with people working.
A person making calculations on a blackboard next to a table where the MICA Lite device is located.

Save energy

Use air quality data to optimize ventilation, heating, and cooling according to actual need. Achieve greater energy efficiency, without sacrificing occupant health and well-being.

Get your certifications

Monitor indoor air quality with MICA and earn points toward your WELL certifications, RESET and more, increasing the value of your building and the health and well-being of its occupants.

People listening to an expert explaining indoor air quality concepts on a whiteboard.

Supported by an expert indoor air quality team.

We offer you our knowledge, experience, and training in the search for solutions to improve indoor air quality.

Rely on inBiot

Sara Martínez, Director of Hotel Pamplona El Toro at Events Hotels, a client of inBiot.

Sara Martinez

Director of Hotel Pamplona El Toro
at Events Hotels

"Thanks to inBiot's proposal we can know in real time the air quality in our rooms and make the appropriate adjustments, optimising ventilation and guaranteeing a healthy environment for events. This is a measure that our customers appreciate and have valued very positively.

Jorge González, Infrastructure Manager at Mutua Navarra, an inBiot client.

Jorge González

Head of infrastructures
in Mutua Navarra

"We spend a third of our day in offices. We need to promote healthy workplaces and we have found inBiot to be the perfect tool to measure the healthiness of indoor air and thus have a reference to further improve the working conditions of our employees".

Cristina Zariquiegui, director of the Marketing Club of Navarra, a client of inBiot.

Cristina Zariquiegui

Director of the Marketing Club
of Navarra

"We want to provide a safe and healthy space for both students and staff. To know the optimal level of ventilation in classrooms, it is essential to have data. Thanks to MICA Lite we can ensure that we maintain good air quality in the classrooms and that they are safe spaces.

Ignacio Oteiza, Dr. Architect and Researcher at the Eduardo Torroja Institute of CSIC, inBiot client.

Ignacio Oteiza

Dr. Architect and Researcher at
Instituto Eduardo Torroja del CSIC

"inBiot's solutions allow us to assess indoor environment conditions in buildings in a simple way, facilitating our research work and enabling us to provide users with good levels of health, comfort and energy-efficient buildings".

Maite Ruffo

Director of Caloryfrí

Maite Ruffo

Director of Caloryfrí

"Having an air quality meter was essential to ensure a safe return to the office. MICA Lite is easy to install and very visual, as in addition to being able to see all the data on the platform, we can know when to ventilate thanks to its traffic light. For workers' peace of mind, with the certificate it provides, we can all check what the air we are breathing is like at any time.

Erik Zabala, CEO of Zabala Innovation Consulting, a client of inBiot.

Erik Zabala

CEO Zabala Innovation Consulting

"Thanks to the renting mode offered by inBiot for its devices, we have been able to monitor in real time the environmental conditions in our offices and make the necessary adjustments to optimise air conditioning and air renewal, thus improving the well-being and comfort and, consequently, the productivity of our employees.

Micheel Wassouf, CEO Energiehaus Architects, client of inBiot.

Micheel Wassouf

CEO Energiehaus Architects

"The absolute flexibility, ease of use and exquisite design of inBiot's devices give it the gold medal for me among the indoor air quality meters available on the Spanish market". 

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