Investing in indoor air quality is undoubtedly an important distinguishing feature of institutions that care about the well-being of their staff and clientele.

Offices and businesses

Promote productivity, concentration, and well-being of your staff for a better performance of their work in a healthy work environment.
Ensure the safety of your staff and reduce absenteeism.
Share air quality in real time providing confidence and motivation to retain and attract talent in your company.

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Workers concentrating on computers at their workstations in an office.


Provide a safe and healthy learning environment. Promote creativity, concentration, and attention of students for better performance, also increasing the prestige of the center.
Integrate the monitoring of air quality parameters as part of the experiential education process.

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Attentive children in class at a school.

Hospitality, retail, and leisure

Increase customer satisfaction by providing a comfortable and healthy indoor environment.
Improve the rating and reputation of your facility by sharing air quality data, demonstrating that it is a safe place with high quality standards.
Reduce energy consumption by regulating your ventilation and air conditioning systems according to actual needs.

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People eating around a table in a restaurant.

Clinics, nursing homes, and health care centers

Ensure a safe, healthy, and comfortable environment for the most vulnerable people.
Provide greater protection for your employees and contribute to patient recovery.
Increase their peace of mind and well-being by sharing air quality data at all times.
Demonstrate your commitment to health care in the care and treatment space as well.

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Ensure the health, safety, and thermal comfort of drivers and passengers for a better travel experience.
Achieve efficient ventilation according to the air quality and occupancy needs of each moment, reducing energy costs.
Share air quality status for the satisfaction and peace of mind of travelers throughout the journey.

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Public entities

Perform representative and exemplary actions for the improvement of working conditions in public spaces and entities.
Show your commitment to the health, safety, and well-being of people.
Share data on comfort and air quality in public spaces to promote awareness and sensitization.

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People reading and consulting books on shelves in a public library.

Sports facilities

Offer healthy conditions for the maximum performance and comfort of your clients.
Share your efforts to promote health and wellness.
Optimize the maintenance and regulation of your sports facilities.

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People exercising in a storage facility.


Guarantee the safety and comfort of customers and visitors during the celebration of large meetings and fairs, without the need for capacity reductions or the use of masks.
Provide peace of mind and confidence to all participants by showing the air quality of the event in real time.
Save costs in ventilation and air conditioning while maintaining healthiness at all times.

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Success stories

Public schools, institutes, and vocational training centers in Navarre

- 700 MICA Lite devices in educational centers in Navarra.

- Personalized Dashboard for monitoring air quality conditions in all centers.

- Creation of an instruction protocol to ensure effective ventilation of classrooms.

- Elimination of highCO2 peaks and improvement of temperature and humidity conditions, and therefore the comfort of students and teachers.

Logo of the Government of Navarre, inBiot's client.Indoor air quality data control panel in educational centres in Navarre.

Institute for Construction Sciences Eduardo
Torroja - CSIC

- Installation of MICAs in the different areas of the centre to monitor air quality.

- Display of data in real time on an information screen for the peace of mind and confidence of the attendees.

- Control and improvement of the centre's environmental conditions.

- Display of the Institute's transparency and CSR.

Logo of the Eduardo Torroja Institute of the CSIC, inBiot's client.Visualisation of indoor air quality data from My inBiot on the totem screen of the Eduardo Torroja Institute of the CSIC.
Torroja Institute of CSIC.

Caloryfrío Offices

- Monitoring of office air quality with MICA Lite for a safe return after months of teleworking.

- Peace of mind and confidence for all workers and visitors thanks to the Air Quality Controlled Space Certificate.

- Control of air quality andCO2 at all times through a traffic light that indicates when it is necessary to ventilate.

- Energy savings in air conditioning.

Logo of the online portal Caloryfrio.comMICA Lite indoor air quality device in the Caloryfrío offices.

BALUARTE Convention Center and Auditorium

- Network installation of MICA Lite devices in meeting spaces and performance halls.

- Monitoring and control of air quality andCO2 concentration to ensure safe and healthy events.

- Optimization of ventilation and air conditioning systems according to air quality and occupancy needs at any given time.

Logo of Baluarte, inBiot's client.MICA Indoor Air Quality Monitor at Baluarte Conference Center, inBiot's client.

Pamplona El Toro Hotel

- Installation of MICA Lite devices in rooms and common areas of the hotel.

- Knowledge of air quality in real time to make the appropriate adjustments at all times.

- Optimization of ventilation to ensure a healthy environment in the celebration of events.

- Security and peace of mind for customers and attendees.

Logo of Pamplona el Toro Hotel, inBiot client.Hall of Pamplona el Toro Hotel, a client of inBiot.

Polytechnic University of Madrid

- Installation of 50 MICA and MICA Lite devices in the classrooms of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

- Control of the air quality in the classrooms to promote the health, concentration and performance of students and faculty.

- Efficient ventilation based on the air quality andCO2 needs of each moment.

- Demonstration of the center's commitment to offer a quality, healthy and safe educational process.

Logo of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, inBiot's client.Polytechnic University of Madrid, inBiot customer.

Postgraduate Building of the University of Navarra

- 30 MICA Lite devices in classrooms and seminars at the Graduate School of the University of Navarra in Madrid.

- Controlled and efficient ventilation based on real air quality needs to guarantee a safe and healthy educational environment.

- Elimination of highCO2 peaks.

- Promotion of student productivity, concentration and creativity.

Logo of the University of Navarra, inBiot's client.Classroom in the Postgraduate Building of the University of Navarra with students listening to a lecturer.

La Morea Shopping Center

- Installation of a network of MICA Lite devices in different points of the mall.

- Monitoring of air quality and indoor temperature to ensure adequate levels and provide the best standards of safety and comfort.

- Energy savings thanks to the optimization of air conditioning and ventilation systems according to air quality needs.

inBiot client logo: La Morea shopping center.MICA Indoor Air Quality Monitor at Morea Shopping Center, inBiot customer.

Rely on inBiot

Sara Martínez, Director of Hotel Pamplona El Toro at Events Hotels, a client of inBiot.

Sara Martinez

Director of Hotel Pamplona El Toro
at Events Hotels

"Thanks to inBiot's proposal we can know in real time the air quality in our rooms and make the appropriate adjustments, optimising ventilation and guaranteeing a healthy environment for events. This is a measure that our customers appreciate and have valued very positively.

Jorge González, Infrastructure Manager at Mutua Navarra, an inBiot client.

Jorge González

Head of infrastructures
in Mutua Navarra

"We spend a third of our day in offices. We need to promote healthy workplaces and we have found inBiot to be the perfect tool to measure the healthiness of indoor air and thus have a reference to further improve the working conditions of our employees".

Cristina Zariquiegui, director of the Marketing Club of Navarra, a client of inBiot.

Cristina Zariquiegui

Director of the Marketing Club
of Navarra

"We want to provide a safe and healthy space for both students and staff. To know the optimal level of ventilation in classrooms, it is essential to have data. Thanks to MICA Lite we can ensure that we maintain good air quality in the classrooms and that they are safe spaces.

Ignacio Oteiza, Dr. Architect and Researcher at the Eduardo Torroja Institute of CSIC, inBiot client.

Ignacio Oteiza

Dr. Architect and Researcher at
Instituto Eduardo Torroja del CSIC

"inBiot's solutions allow us to assess indoor environment conditions in buildings in a simple way, facilitating our research work and enabling us to provide users with good levels of health, comfort and energy-efficient buildings".

Maite Ruffo

Director of Caloryfrí

Maite Ruffo

Director of Caloryfrí

"Having an air quality meter was essential to ensure a safe return to the office. MICA Lite is easy to install and very visual, as in addition to being able to see all the data on the platform, we can know when to ventilate thanks to its traffic light. For workers' peace of mind, with the certificate it provides, we can all check what the air we are breathing is like at any time.

Erik Zabala, CEO of Zabala Innovation Consulting, a client of inBiot.

Erik Zabala

CEO Zabala Innovation Consulting

"Thanks to the renting mode offered by inBiot for its devices, we have been able to monitor in real time the environmental conditions in our offices and make the necessary adjustments to optimise air conditioning and air renewal, thus improving the well-being and comfort and, consequently, the productivity of our employees.

Micheel Wassouf, CEO Energiehaus Architects, client of inBiot.

Micheel Wassouf

CEO Energiehaus Architects

"The absolute flexibility, ease of use and exquisite design of inBiot's devices give it the gold medal for me among the indoor air quality meters available on the Spanish market". 

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