inBiot: the 360º solution for monitoring and managing indoor air quality in companies

January 2023

We are pleased to present our Integrated Solution for monitoring and managing indoor air quality, consisting of smart devices, a cloud service and a professional after-sales service.

A flexible and scalable solution that easily adapts to all types of buildings: offices, health centers, schools, universities, hotels, catering or gyms, ensuring improvements in well-being and facilitating energy savings.

The solution offers full integration capabilities. The full range of MICA devices can be integrated with the building to regulate and automate the operation of HVAC systems through different communication protocols, thus ensuring optimal air quality levels and energy savings. Connectivity to the cloud can be via WiFi, GSM or LoRaWAN, allowing to have monitoring, control and analysis of the data in the My inBiot platform or in third party platforms thanks to the integration with the public API. All this, with almost zero maintenance, agile and flexible installation and a simple setup process.


MICA: Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor

With state-of-the-art European sensors, as well as a simple and optimized recalibration process, our MICA devices devices offer continuous and reliable measurement of the parameters that condition indoor air quality.

Unlike most solutions on the market, which are limited to measuring a few basic parameters, MICA monitors measure a wide range of indoor parameters and pollutants, enabling further characterization of air quality and compliance with private building certifications such as WELL or RESET.

Specifically, MICA collects data on temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde and PM1, PM2.5, PM4 and PM10 particulate matter.

MICA is a device that can be installed in just a few minutes and is characterized by its ease of integration and multiple communication options.

The monitors adapt to the needs of any installation with their desktop and wall-mounted versions:

  • ‍Desktop: The ideal option for temporary monitoring or for those who do not have the possibility of fixing the device to the wall. Power is supplied via a USB type C cable.
  • Wall: This is the most recommended installation for continuous monitoring and/or public spaces. MICA is designed to be fixed to the wall directly screwed or attached to standard electrical boxes, the latter being the best option in new buildings or renovations. In addition, it has both AC (110 - 240VAC 50-60Hz) and DC (8VDC - 36VDC) power supply options.

Moreover, we have developed a new APP - inBiot Setup - aimed at integrators and installers, which facilitates MICA configuration thanks to a simple and intuitive process.

Through Modbus RTU (RS485) and Modbus TCP (wireless) communication protocols, MICA can be integrated with BMS (Building Management System) systems for HVAC system regulation. In this way, it is possible to automate the operation of the equipment to achieve significant energy savings while guaranteeing optimum air quality levels at all times.

For the visualization of the collected data, MICA devices offer different possibilities of connectivity to the cloud:

  • ‍WiFi: This is the most common option for spaces that have open WiFi networks or networks prepared for IoT devices. MICA offers advanced configuration options and even allows connecting to hidden WiFi networks.
  • ‍GSM: The best option for spaces that do not have WiFi networks or to avoid complex configuration processes caused by secured networks. MICA incorporates a SIM card that allows its connection to the cloud automatically, without the need for any type of configuration.
  • ‍LoRaWAN: Allows long range networks in low coverage areas, making it the best option for projects with signal problems or lack of WiFi connectivity. In addition, since it is an open standard technology, it facilitates interoperability between public and private networks, allowing the establishment of secure and cost-effective point-to-multipoint communication compared to other similar alternatives.

SaaS: Software as a Service

Thanks to the development of proprietary technology, we have the ability to make our experience and expertise in indoor air quality available to companies as a digitized, useful and accessible service.

The My inBiot digital platform digital platform collects all the data monitored by the devices, providing online tracking of air quality in real time for control and analysis.

It is easy to use and provides detailed information on the status and evolution of air quality, enabling informed decisions on how to improve the air and energy efficiency of the building.

My inBiot offers advanced functionalities such as personalized recommendations, alert creation and different options to share data publicly on screens and QR codes, with a cloud infrastructure that provides total control and security of the information.

We also count with public API that allows easy integration with other platforms and third party developments for data visualization.

Finally, we offer a service of tools for Business Intelligencetools, with smart reports and customized dashboards for global control of the air quality of multiple spaces.

Whether to create healthy workspaces, reduce energy costs or achieve certifications, our 360º solution adapts to the needs of each organization, guaranteeing tangible and lasting results.

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