inBiot joins the BH-IOT Project for monitoring, control and optimization of environmental efficiency and quality in buildings

November 2023

After two years of the airborne viral pandemic, one of the main lessons learned has been the efficiency of strategies to improve indoor air quality, as well as the need to prepare for future scenarios.  

In this context, inBiot is proud to announce our participation in the IoT-Powered Building Health Certification System (BH-IOT) project of the Government of Navarra, in partnership with ONNA. This project proposes a comprehensive solution based on IoT, AI and ML for monitoring, control and optimization of efficiency and environmental quality in buildings, addressing technical requirements, facility integration and renewable energy management. It qualifies as Experimental Development due to its innovative approach that seeks to unify technical requirements, develop new technologies such as light and noise sensors, distributed communication and use AI and ML for energy optimization, addressing technical challenges and contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the field of monitoring and control of environmental quality in buildings.

inBiot's outstanding experience in the development of advanced environmental monitoring and data analysis solutions will be key to obtaining accurate and relevant data for the project. For its part, ONNA will lead the creation of the communication protocols necessary to effectively connect inBiot's monitoring tools with the intelligent control and management systems.

This monitoring and control tool will facilitate the process of environmental certification of buildings to obtain a higher score and therefore a lower environmental impact of buildings, both for building managers, architectural design teams and HVAC engineering, as well as for users. And, in parallel and consequently, the operation of the monitoring and control systems is optimized, resulting in better energy efficiency of the systems, less environmental impact of the building and a significant improvement in the comfort and well-being of the occupants.

This project is funded by the Government of Navarra and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), and at inBiot we are excited to collaborate with other companies and organizations to advance the green transformation in the construction sector. We will continue working to create innovative solutions that improve the quality of life and protect our environment.

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