Indoor Air Quality Indicator

August 2023

The Indoor Air Quality Indicator (IAQ) is based on the RESET AIR INDEX, and allows to communicate in a simple way, on a 0-100 scale, the indoor air quality of a space. It allows to check, in real time and in a simple way, the overall air quality in a specific space. The IAQ indicator also includes recommendations for improvement and allows to know the evolution of the air quality during the selected period of time.

It is calculated from continuous monitoring data of the most relevant parameters for the definition of indoor air quality, such as CO₂, TVOC and PM2.5, and their combined impact.  

It takes into account the cumulative effect of exposure over time, assessing the sum of concentrations of the different pollutants and taking into account the objectives of the RESET AIR Standard, as well as the know-how developed by inBiot on the behavior of specific CO₂, TVOC and PM2.5 sensors in a monitoring device, and the health impact of the different parameters combined under certain conditions of use of indoor spaces.  

The indicator defines 6 categories of impact on indoor air quality: bad (0-16%), inadequate (17-32%), fair (33-48%), moderate (49-65%), good (66-83%) and excellent (84-100%), as calculated by an algorithm based on CO₂, TVOC and PM2.5 concentrations.

  • Bad: Such low levels of indoor air quality on a continuous basis can put the health and well-being of occupants at risk.  
  • Inadequate: Inadequate indoor air quality over a prolonged period of time is an alarming situation in terms of health and welfare conditions.
  • Regular: Indoor air quality with a low trend implies the possibility of experiencing adverse health effects.
  • Moderate: Indoor air quality is moderate and, although the general public is not likely to be affected in this indicator range, hypersensitive individuals may experience mild to moderate health effects.
  • Good: Air quality is good, although levels of pollutants may be detected that decrease the desired indoor air quality and may cause specific long-term problems.
  • Excellent: Indoor air quality is excellent and there is no health risk.

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