Integration with Loxone system for automatic ventilation depending on the air quality

November 2021

It is widely understood that smart buildings can monitor and control the temperature of the space automatically. But what about air quality - can we control that too? The air we breathe is vital to our health, well-being and productivity.

In a previous post we talked about demand-controlled ventilation (DCV): a technology that automatically ensures adequate indoor air renewal at all times, allowing significant energy and cost savings.

This is achieved by incorporating devices with a series of sensors that measure indoor air quality and allow ventilation systems to regulate their flow rate according to actual needs.

These measurement devices play a key role in optimising HVAC systems, as their integration gives them the data they need to be truly smart, meet demand and detect maintenance requirements by modulating temperatures, flow rates, capacity, etc.

Our MICA devices continuously measure the main parameters that condition indoor air quality , providing an objective reference of the air renewal needs of the space, so that ventilation systems can act accordingly.

They are highly adaptable to different systems to ensure not only efficient and effective ventilation, but also guarantee high levels of health and comfort automatically. They have flexible power supply (AC / DC 12-24V), connectivity (Modbus RTU/TCP) and installation options (screwed to the wall or attached to electrical boxes). In addition, their modular design allows for quick and convenient maintenance and calibration.

loxone integration automatic ventilation air quality

Collaboration with Loxone

Loxone, a company specialising in building automation, has a control system that allows automatic ventilation in homes and establishments, so that users always maintain the air renewal necessary for favourable environmental conditions.

MICA is fully compatible and can be easily integrated, via Modbus, with the Loxone Miniserver to ensure maximum indoor air quality. Thanks to this, the system will be able to measure the level of various pollutants in the environment and make the building act accordingly: the Miniserver will be able to send the data collected by MICA to the ventilation systems of the indoor spaces, to operate them in the necessary mode to optimise their performance effectively and efficiently.

With the MICA device, in addition to controlling CO₂, humidity and temperature levels, different environmental pollutants can be monitored: formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds VOCs of different toxicity levels and suspended particles -PM1.0/PM2.5/PM10-, which are the vehicles in which viruses travel. Depending on the level of these contaminants, the Loxone Miniserver can act automatically, either by activating the necessary level of ventilation, or by simply notifying the users to open windows or take the appropriate actions.

In this way, the integration of MICA allows the ventilation system to be optimised, while promoting a healthy indoor environment at all times.

Indoor air quality monitoring can have a wide variety of applications in building automation systems. Contact us for more information.

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