inBiot's MICA is the first indoor air quality monitor in Spain to obtain the Works with WELL license.

March 2024

We are proud to announce that our MICA devices have obtained the Works with WELL license from the International WELL Building Institute, being the first in Spain to achieve this important recognition.

With Works with WELL certification, our MICA, MICA Plus and MICA WELL solutions stand out as key tools to support specific strategies within the WELLBuilding Standard, the leading global standard for promoting health in buildings.

This mark not only validates the quality and performance of our devices, but also demonstrates our dedication and leadership in improving the built environment and creating healthy workplaces.

‍Whatis the Works with WELL program?

WELL is the world's leading standard focused on improving people's health and well-being with a library of evidence-based holistic strategies applicable in buildings, organizations and communities. Developed over 10 years and backed by the latest scientific research, WELL describes key building-level interventions and organizational strategies in 10 conceptual areas: air, water, food, light, movement, thermal comfort, sound, materials, mind and community.

Works with WELL is a licensing program offered by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI). Eligibility for the trademark demonstrates that a product aligns with specific strategies supported by the science in the WELL Standard. These strategies contribute to occupant health and well-being and can help organizations meet certification requirements.

How MICA devices align with the WELL standard

The Works with WELL mark validates the alignment of MICA devices to contribute to the achievement of the following WELL characteristics:

  • A08.1 Air quality monitoring and awareness: install indoor air monitors: Monitor indoor air quality problems, as well as inform and educate people about indoor environmental quality.
  • T06.1 Thermal Comfort Monitoring - Monitor the Thermal Environment: Effectively monitor and address unacceptable thermal comfort conditions and inform building managers and users about the thermal comfort parameters of their indoor environment.
  • X01.3 Material Restrictions - Restrict Lead: Reduce or eliminate human exposure to building materials known to be hazardous.
  • X05.1 Enhanced material restrictions - Select compliant interior furnishings: Minimize exposure to certain chemicals found in products commonly installed in buildings.

In addition, our solutions are designed to help companies meet preconditions and obtain additional points in various areas of the WELL standard, enabling them to achieve a better overall score in their certification. Our most advanced device, MICA WELL, is equipped with precision sensors that monitor a wide range of parameters, enabling it to achieve the highest WELL score compared to any other device available on the market.

inBiot also facilitates the certification process thanks to the My inBiot digital platform, where it is possible to download the data report in the format required by WELL and WELL Performance Rating.

The alignment of our solutions with WELL standards reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence and the promotion of healthy and sustainable buildings. We invite you to take advantage of these innovative solutions to enhance your projects - find out more in our complete guide on how we can help you achieve your WELL certification!

inBiot indoor air quality monitor with orks with WELL certification

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