MICA achieves RESET® Air certification for indoor air quality monitors

November 2023

We are excited to share some great news! MICA, our innovative indoor air quality monitor, has been awarded the prestigious RESET® Air certification for commercial grade (B) monitors.. This accreditation demonstrates our commitment to excellence and confirms that our MICA devices meet the highest standards of performance in continuous indoor air quality monitoring.


What does RESET® Air Accreditation mean?

RESET is a building certification standard based on continuous monitoring and performance of buildings. It is one of the most comprehensive building standards, with 5 modular partial certifications and allowing for partial justification. Among them, RESET® Air is the specific certification for assessing the impact of indoor air quality on health, productivity and sustainability in indoor spaces.

The RESET® Air accreditation process is rigorous and ensures that our devices are reliable, accurate and easy to use. Recognized worldwide, this standard is the first of its kind in air quality monitoring solutions, and inBiot is pleased to be part of this select group.

Accredited RESET monitor MICA by inBiot


MICA: More than a monitor

MICA is a smart device that monitors the most relevant parameters and pollutants for healthy indoor air quality: temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, particulate matter (PM10, PM4.0, PM2.5 and PM1.0), formaldehyde and Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC). Developed and manufactured completely in-house, the MICA is equipped with state-of-the-art sensors and long lifetime - lifespan of more than 10 years - to minimize maintenance, combining performance, reliability and cost.

The device communicates wirelessly with the My inBiot web platform, with advanced functionalities to monitor and improve indoor air quality, receive alerts and simplify the RESET certification process. Connectivity to the cloud can be via WiFi, GSM or LoRaWAN, enabling data tracking and analysis both on My inBiot and other third-party platforms thanks to its integration with the public API.

In addition, MICA can be integrated with the building to control and automate the operation of HVAC systems through different communication protocols, thus ensuring optimal levels of air quality and energy savings.

At inBiot, we pride ourselves on providing our clientele with the highest quality products and services. RESET® Air accreditation underscores our ongoing commitment to providing accurate indoor air quality data and ensures that our technology meets the highest industry standards.

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