New Smart Reports

March 2023

My inBiot platform provides real-time information, alerts and recommendations that allow companies to understand, analyze and improve the air quality of their spaces, whether to ensure health, increase productivity or optimize energy consumption.

In order to continue offering the best technology to our clients, we have recently launched a new feature to further facilitate the monitoring and improvement of indoor air quality:  Smart Reports.

The new smart reports can be downloaded periodically from My inBiot to get an accurate and visual overview of the status and evolution ofindoorair quality. This facilitates the interpretation of data during specific monitoring periods and allow you to clearly identify areas for improvement in order to take effective action.

These reports provide companies with an intuitive and clear view of their environmental conditions during periods of occupancy, allowing them to determine patterns and trends in air quality without the need to manually filter the data. In this way, they facilitate operational decision making for air quality improvement and energy savings.

Converting data into information implies defining very well what is to be evaluated for each parameter. Therefore, the information is displayed graphically for each parameter and each of the indicators of air quality, need for ventilation or probability of virus spread available in My inBiot. The parameters presented in each report will depend on the type of MICA and the parameters monitored in each case.

Here is an example of the type of information displayed for each parameter: a complete page with graphical information about the ranges reached during the whole period, and the representation of the percentages of occupancy time in the different comfort ranges. At the bottom we will find a graph of the evolution of each parameter during the whole selected monitoring period.

Smart reports are now available on My inBiot Bussines, contact us for more information.

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