New My inBiot Indicators

September 2023

In the constant search for innovative solutions to improve indoor air quality, we are excited to introduce the new My inBiot indicators. Our market-leading platform now offers a series of revolutionary indicators that provide clear, visual scoring of indoor air quality conditions. These indicators allow you to make informed operational decisions that ensure comfort, health and energy savings in your facility.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

The RESET AIR INDEX-based Indoor Air Quality Indicator provides an accurate, real-time assessment of the state of the air in your space. With this tool, you will get a clear picture of the air quality, allowing you to take proactive measures to improve it.

Ventilation Efficiency

Our Ventilation Efficiency indicator shows in real time how effective your indoor ventilation system is. This allows you to optimize your systems and ensure a healthy environment without wasting energy.

Thermohygrometric comfort

Thermo-hygrometric comfort is crucial to creating a comfortable environment. Our indicator allows you to easily identify the optimal temperature and humidity ranges in your space. This will help you maintain an ideal comfort environment for the people who use it.

Virus Resistance

In today's age, virus resistance is a constant concern. Our RESET VIRAL INDEX-based indicator shows you how resistant the air in your space is to the spread of viruses. This information is invaluable for taking proactive measures to minimize the risk of infection.

The best part is that you can now get all this key information at a glance! My inBiot has simplified the process of monitoring and analyzing indoor air quality so you can effectively take control. Operational decision making has never been easier.

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