Ventilation Efficiency Indicator

August 2023

The Ventilation Efficiency Indicator measures in real time the ventilation efficiency in an indoor space, represented on a 0-100 scale and based on continuous monitoring of CO₂ and TVOC.

The "Ventilation Efficiency Indicator" in indoor spaces is a tool developed by inBiot to evaluate and monitor the efficiency of ventilation and degree of air renewal. The CO₂ and TVOC are two important parameters to determine whether ventilation is adequate and sufficient to maintain a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.

  1. Continuous CO₂ monitoring : Carbon dioxide (CO₂) is a gas exhaled in respiration and, therefore, a good indicator of the degree of air renewal in an occupied space. Elevated CO₂ levels may be an indication of inadequate ventilation.  
  1. Continuous TVOC monitoring: Total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs) are the set of chemicals that are released into indoor air from building, equipment or cleaning products and materials, such as paints, furniture, or hygiene products. Exposure to high levels of TVOCs can cause discomfort and health problems.  

The Ventilation Effectiveness Indicator based on continuous monitoring of CO₂ and TVOC allows the indoor air quality to be evaluated in real time and provides valuable information on whether the degree of ventilation of the space is sufficient to maintain a healthy indoor environment. When CO₂ and TVOC levels exceed certain limits set by regulations or standards, the indicator is negatively affected. This indicator is calculated using an algorithm developed by inBiot, through which the person responsible for the air quality of the space is proactively informed so that he or she can take corrective measures, such as adjusting, regulating and monitoring the space's air renewal systems.

The indicator defines 6 categories of impact on ventilation efficiency: poor (0-16%), inadequate (17-32%), fair (33-48%), moderate (49-65%), good (66-83%) and excellent (84-100%), as calculated by the algorithm based on CO₂ concentration and TVOC concentration.

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