#YoMeQuedoEnCasa sana (IStayHomeHealthy)

March 2020

Fortunately (and also unfortunately) we are all at home these days. It is a time of coexistence and conciliation of work activities, family leisure, cleaning, DIY and gymnastics. Life within four walls.

A few days ago we were concerned about the pollution plume hanging over Madrid and Barcelona. Today we should consider whether the air in our current ecosystem is healthy. And amidst so much reflection, we need action so that our four walls are our castle, not our penitence.


Today more than ever and for several reasons:

  • We spend at least 3 times more time at home than before. Even 100% if the pantry holds out, we don't have a dog and we are responsible.
  • We breathe more than before. The exercise bike has given up its role as a night owl, and is now part of the new gym installed in the living room. A generous leisure instructor offers zumba classes via streaming.
  • While the air quality air quality in our home has worsened, outdoor air quality has improved, thanks to the drastic reduction of traffic on the street.

Recommendation: if we do not have a well-regulated mechanical ventilation system, intensify morning ventilation, at least 15 minutes. Ventilate during or after exercise. And why not, again before going to sleep, to start the night with clean, fresh air. Air quality influences the quality of rest.

Avoids condensation

The condition for optimal air quality is between 40% and 60% relative humidity. In winter, it is common to have indoor air below 40%, because the outside air has a low water content when ventilated.

These days, however, steam production inside our homes is high due to our breathing (each of us produces 70g of water vapour per day), cooking (boiling water), showers...

#YoMeQuedoEnCasa sana (IStayHomeHealthy)
Affections depending on the relative humidity of the spaces. Source: E.M. Sterling Study: E.M. Sterling Study.

Recommendation: lightly ventilate while cooking or showering.

Careful with disinfection

COVID-19 public enemy number one. We've been carrying around 4 bottles of MERCADONA hand sanitiser, which we constantly apply to our parched skin.

We believe the time has come to extend disinfection to the rest of the house, using the whole army: bleach, degreasers, detergents... Watch out for the V OCs. VOCsWe must be careful with VOCs, lest we destroy our lungs by killing viruses.

Recommendation: pay attention to the ingredients in cleaning products, preferably use environmentally friendly products, remove the product used with water. And go back to old habits: cleaning with baking soda, vinegar and lemon is still effective and harmless.

Moderate bricomania

"The time has come", you think to yourself as you walk past that unfinished wall or that loose shelf for the fifth time in the last hour. You get down to work, while the kids are busy with "Pepa Pig". Brushes, paints, glue, gloves... and the mobile phone with the latest youtuber telling you how to do things.  

Recommendation: avoid using paints with a high VOC content. This is definitely not the best time to paint your house. Look closely at the directions for glues, enamels and other substances you are going to use. If it smells bad when you open it, the room is going to smell bad for a few hours/days. Some things can wait two weeks, especially if they have been there for three months.

Controls air quality

It is advisable to have a device that allows you to visualise the evolution of the air quality and act accordingly.

From this information you will be able to know if you are ventilating properly, or if you have other sources of indoor pollution that you were unaware of. And then, an air purifier with a HEPA filter, or some species of indoor plantscan be your allies.

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